Children and Food Allergies

We consider ourselves blessed beyond words with this wonderful, curious, innocent, gentle soul that entered this world almost three years ago. Our son has many interests in his short time on this planet but I would say that his largest love in life is food. People who have seen him eat a meal can not believe how much he can eat but how much he enjoys doing it! (He literally moans in approval). That is why it was so difficult to see his face, eyes, and body swell up when eating breakfast one morning at the ripe old age of 14 months old. When the episodes became frequent I began a food journal to try to pin point what was the cause. We were told by the doctor’s that he was a “medical mystery” since they could not figure out exactly what triggered these reactions. Medical mystery, really? Could my son be the only one on the planet experiencing this? It is an ongoing process almost 2 years later, but we have found that serving non-genetically engineered (GMO) fresh fruits and veggies and reading ALL labels was a great start. This can be tricky since GMO foods are not labeled. (Helpful hint: Genetically engineered fruit has a five-numeral PLU prefaced by the number 8.) During my research I was stunned to find out that 80% of all processed foods in our country are genetically modified.

I recently came across this presentation by Robyn O’Brien, fellow mother turned “real food” evangelist, from the 2011 TED conference. She had the exact same experience with one of her children as I have had with mine. Ah, so I am NOT alone! Her research into the impact the global food system is having on the health of our children inspired me to dig deeper. I have always considered myself as a very health-minded person. But there is always more we can be doing and learning. We are proud to be working towards putting up a 26” Growing Dome in the fall as another step toward reaching a healthy, self-sustainable lifestyle!

We would love to hear your experiences with children and food allergies so that we may help each other. Please share below…

– Author: Danyelle Leentjes

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