Growing Dome Community Celebration

Growing Dome Greenhouse
Growing Dome Greenhouse

Customer Appreciation Party 2019

This year has been one for changes at Growing Spaces, with a new logo, and a new website just around the corner we wanted to take the time to thank our community of growing dome greenhouse owners for their constant support. Plus give some of our potential owners a peek into our wonderful community.  Here are some of our favorite memories of the celebration.

Brews & Grub

A big shout out to Chuck Sotheby’s Cajun BBQ for some wonderful grub and to our Event organizer Kesy for making sure we had the best brew on tap. 

Growing Dome Gardening Classes

Above all, we want to thank our guest speakers. With their help, we were able to provide our guests with a day full of learning. In case you missed it here are a few highlights from the classes.

Man and Women Inside Growing Dome having a conversationOrganic Pest Control & Planting Schedules
Our Garden Manager Desiree taught us organic pest management is most crucial at three times in a plants life cycle. She also discussed how to time the planting of seasonal crops with a custom growing dome planting schedule. If you have any further questions about Organic Pest Control or Planting Schedules please feel free to reach out to Desire at

people in a community greenhouse

Beginners Guide to Aquaponics
Special guest Taylor from Dirt Doc Permaculture showed us how plants, fish, and naturally occurring bacteria can work together to create a mutually beneficial cycle in aquaponics. Simply put, the fish feed the plants, and the plants filter the water for the fish, allowing them to live and grow together in harmony. You can learn more about starting your own system by contacting Taylor at

New Growing Dome Owners Classpeople taking a class in a growing dome greenhouse
Our in-house Growing Dome expert Kyle Brookens explored what to do when you get your very first Growing Dome greenhouse. We learned things about site selection, bed designs, and pond maintenance.  You can get more information about owning a Growing Dome and the first steps to take on our website. We would be happy to answer any specific questions about owning a dome at

people taking a class inside our growing spaces workshopSoil Management
Growing Spaces legend and Master gardener Richard Miller taught us if you want to ensure the longevity of your garden beds, soil amendment is crucial. Ideally, if you’re keeping up with cover cropping and crop rotation you won’t need to do soil amendment too often. You can contact Richard at

Dome Tours

We are lucky to have all six sizes of domes at our headquarters in Pagosa Springs! 


Those who signed up for the newsletter got an opportunity to win some awesome prizes including Hot Springs passes and a Hot Air Balloon Ride.  And everyone took home some merchandise with our new logo, including water bottles, coffee mugs and gardening journals.

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended; we cannot wait for next year! If you missed the event you can check us out at the Durango Farmers Market on Saturday, June 8th and July 27th. We will have a booth in the morning and host a short Growing Dome tour in the afternoon. You can RSVP ahead of time, or come by and see Kesy at the market. If you’re interested in seeing more photos from the event you can find them on our Facebook Page.


Written By: Kenzie Jackson, Director of Marketing. With a degree in Marketing and Communications, she has spent years perfecting her art of storytelling. When she’s not working on marketing campaigns for Growing Spaces, she is adventuring in Colorado’s high alpine. The rest of the time you will find her working on her passion project Colorado Adventure Babes.

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Kenzie Jackson Marketing Director
I studied marketing at Eastern Illinois University and have been working as the Marketing Director at Growing Spaces since May 2019. What I love most about my job is getting to tell the stories of our customers in our featured dome articles. It’s all about connecting through storytelling, and it’s pretty cool to see all the different ways people use our greenhouses.

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