Celebrating Growth in the 15′ Growing Dome: Episode 3


Welcome back to the 15′ Growing Dome!

raised beds with produce growing
IMG_3260The Growing Spaces team is excited to share how well all of our cool season crops are growing, even as the weather continues to get colder and the days get shorter here in Pagosa Springs, CO.

November is the time of year when most everyone is putting their gardens to bed, but we’re just beginning and that’s something really special. Since we were able to plant seeds in October, we’ll have access to fresh greens and root crops through the winter. These fresh veggies will make excellent additions to holiday meals and add fresh flavor to daily meals that otherwise might have far less produce than during the summer and fall months.

In fact, we’re so pleased with how well everything is growing, we wrote a seasonal jingle we want to share:

♪”The weather outside is frightful, but our greens are so delightful

and since we’ve a place to grow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”♪

Jeremy and Dana are looking forward to our next episode, where we’ll discuss thinning and introduce harvesting. Continue to join us in exploring our winter growing sanctuary as the weather continues to get colder. We’re definitely looking forward to shooting an episode inside the Growing Dome when it’s snowing out!

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Kyle joined the Growing Spaces team in 2015, and enjoys being involved in all the exciting projects and developments happening around here!I graduated from Pagosa Springs High School in 2009 and moved to Gunnison, Colorado to pursue a degree in Environmental Studies. After graduating from Western State Colorado University, I moved back to my home town Pagosa Springs. Since moving back home in 2013, I have been working to develop a farm in Arboles. In my spare time, one may find me backpacking in the wilderness, cruising on a mountain bike, slacklining in the park, or skiing Wolf Creek. I also enjoy creating art when I am not outdoors. The mediums that I enjoy working with are yarn, canvas and paint, and clay. I have been experimenting with aquapoinics and am always excited to share knowledge on the subject with others. I joined the Growing Spaces team in 2015, and enjoy being involved in all the exciting projects and developments happening around here!


  • One item I forgot is I notice you intend to use the water tank for temp control but if you also keep fish in the water tank the increase of temp of the awater will kill the fish. So be careful.


    • The above ground pond is a key feature of the Growing Dome because it does help to curb temperature fluctuations in the Growing Dome, holding heat at night and during the cold winter months, and providing cooling effects in the summer. Really, the above ground pond inside the greenhosue works like a large lake or the ocean does, creating more steady climates in coastal areas. We do encourage clients to establish a pond ecosystem in the tank as an established ecosystem requires little maintenance. Together, water plants, fish, snails and more create a pond environment that adds to both the function and beauty of the space inside the greenhouse. You are correct that many types of fish are sensitive to temperature changes, so we are careful to select fish species that are able to handle temperature changes without harm. Here at Growing Spaces, we have Koi fish in many of our ponds. Some of our clients have bluegill, catfish and others.

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