Bjorn Oliviusson Growing Bananas at 60 Degrees North 

     Janet and I first met Bjorn Oliviusson in Fall 2012 when we arrived to help install the 33′ dome sold to the Royal Institution of Technology in Stockholm. As described in Bjorn’s post, it ended up at a school near the university, a pleasant setting, but late Fall in Stockholm the sunlight shines from 9 am to 3 pm, if…

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Farm-to-table restaurant growing in a Growing Dome

Fresh Local Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs from a Farm-to-Table Restaurant in the Snowy Colorado Mountains All Winter Long? How One Colorado Ski Resort Restaurant Serves Fresh From the Garden Ingredients Year Round Despite Extremely Short Colorado Growing Season Mirabelle Restaurant, stands out in the Vail Valley restaurant scene by showcasing fresh food grown on-site all year long. Belgian born Master Chef…

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Mountain Goat Lodge Bed and Breakfast

Mountain Goats Call Bed and Breakfast Home A Bed and Breakfast Complete with Goats and a Growing Dome® Mountain Goat Lodge might be the most unique bed and breakfast you’ve ever seen. Outside Salida, Colorado, on a stretch of Highway 285, lives a goat sanctuary disguised as a Bed and Breakfast. Mountain Goat Lodge: Bed and Breakfast with Goats and…

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Cloud City Farm: Growing the Impossible at 10,000 Feet

Cloud City Farm: Growing the Impossible at 10,000 Feet From Superfund Site to Community Gardens and Thriving High Altitude Farm Take a moment to hear the amazing tale of Cloud City Farm. With only 28 frost free days a year, and living 10,000 feet above sea level, they are growing what at first might seem impossible. Cloud City Farm Growing…

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joyful journey

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa Dome

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa and Rejuvenation in the San Luis Valley Relax, Center, And Transform Yourself From the Fast Pace of Life and Responsibility. Joyful Journey Hot Springs is not your typical “hotel.” Located in the picturesque San Luis Valley, and framed by the Sangre De Cristo mountains… They offer a rejuvenating night’s stay like nowhere else on planet…

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Mission: Wolf, Off Grid Gardening

Off Grid Gardening: Two Indoor Gardens at 9,000 ft. Elevation. Does off grid gardening seem impossible? Mission: Wolf accomplishes mission impossible. Not one, but two, indoor gardens at a staggering 9,000 ft.  Their secret… not green thumbs. Wolves. Off Grid Gardening with a Growing Dome Mission: Wolf proves truly unique. The wolf sanctuary in Westcliffe, CO, serves not only as a refuge…

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Pine River Garden Club: Growing Gardeners

Pine River Garden Club… Bayfield, CO Growing Gardeners and a Local Foodshed with a Growing Dome® at the Pine River Community Garden Instead of garlic from China and avocados from Mexico… The Pine River Garden Club cultivates their own local foodshed… Grows Gardeners… And shows you how to harvest what you thought wouldn’t grow here. Pine River Garden Club… Community…

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gardening in the snow

Gardening in the Snow in a Growing Dome

Gardening in the Snow in a Growing Dome®  If you want to see for yourself that the Growing Dome was made for winter, for gardening in the snow, in the mountains, then you have to see the pictures we received yesterday.  Here in Pagosa Springs, it won’t stop snowing. Outside continues to be gray, cold, and delivering one snow storm after…

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sunshine gardens

Sunshine Gardens Senior Community

Sunshine Gardens Senior Community Growing Food, Fine Dining, and The Power Of Gardening Robert Hilger, founder of Sunshine Gardens, is a big man with big vision. His gentle presence and compassionate heart are backed by a fierceness in his eyes. A fierceness springing from knowing what you want and possession of resolve to get it. He means business. He is the kind…

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best greenhouse for wind

Best Greenhouse for Wind

Best Greenhouse for Wind Growing Dome® Known to Withstand Hurricane Force Winds Google best greenhouse for wind and you’ll find best practices and conventional wisdom for… …protecting your greenhouse from wind. You shouldn’t need to protect your greenhouse from the wind. I’ll tell you why. Wind is great for some things. Sailing, wind surfing, generating electricity with one of those…

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