Sowing Winter Crops in the Growing Dome

Sow your seeds in early fall to prepare for you Winter Garden: If you grow in a Growing Dome, greenhouse, or even want to try to extend your season in an outdoor garden, the time has come to sow seeds for fall and winter gardening. If you sow in late August to early September, your seeds will germinate and grow…

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solar power

Solar Power, Your Pocketbook, and the Environment

Solar Power Save Money, Combat Climate Change, and Power Ahead When the Rest of the World Grinds to a Halt The electricity went out. The lights flickered overhead…the computer shouted a loud Kapoof! and turned off completely. I turned it back on – not thinking much of it. A little later…lights flickered and another Kapoof! from the computer. A quick…

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Sierra House Elementary; Going Beyond The Curriculum

Sierra House Elementary School in Tahoe, California purchased two 18’ Growing Domes® from Growing Spaces® in September 2014. The installation was complete by November 2014. Michelle McLean, the dome chair; Kristi Wilson, first grade teacher & dome manager; Rebecca Bryson, assistant dome fundraiser; and Ryan Galles, Principal of Sierra House Elementary, had only dreamed about installing greenhouses on the school…

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Environmental Leadership Award

Growing Spaces, LLC. Joins Colorado Environmental Leadership Program

Pagosa Springs, CO – Growing Spaces of Pagosa Springs will be recognized Thursday, Oct. 2 at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts for achievement of Bronze tier environmental leadership by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. At the 15th annual Colorado Environmental Leadership Awards, Growing Spaces will join other Colorado companies officially recognized as entities that inspire…

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California Growing Dome

Growing Dome at the Solar Living Institute

Recently we received an update from the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, CA of the 26′ Growing Dome greenhouse built in 2012… “The Growing Dome is one of the main attractions at the Solar Living Institute. Generously donated by Growing Spaces (located in Pagosa Springs, CO), it allows us to grow vegetation that needs a more stable environment than what…

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growing domes

The Pagosa Verde Symposium: Growth Strategies for Rural Colorado Communities

On August 9th,our hometown of Pagosa Springs, CO is hosting a professional collaboration to explore economic growth, renewables, geothermal development and sustainable agriculture. The goal is to move Colorado mountain towns into a sustainable future. We are excited to lend our sponsorship and support to this great endeavor and are looking forward to the event. For more information visit: Overview…

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Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership Comes into View

Last year we shared with you the vision for Pagosa Springs’ Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP) and how this sustainable movement was poised to change our community in big and beautiful ways. We are excited to post an update with a rendering of the proposed project and an overview of the design. This is all really coming into view and is…

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Solar Powered Business

Did you realize that Growing Spaces is a solar powered business? The solar panels installed outside our workshop provide enough to run our shop and offices while leaving power left to send back into the grid. Our staff also participates in energy saving activities that help us make the most of the sun power we have. With so many great…

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The Grassroots Global Web

Have you noticed how the off-grid, sustainable living movement is increasingly wired in? You can subscribe to @HomeGrownDOTorg on Twitter and like Solar Living on Facebook. How strange is the small farmer with his hands in the dirt one moment and his eyes trained on YouTube the next? How odd is the gardener who chooses her seeds based on how…

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Pagosa’s Geothermal Greenhouse Project Bringing Us Home

By Puja Dhyan Parsons, Owner & CEO Today, in June of 2011, a time of economic downturn and environmental degradation, it is difficult to watch the news. The kinship and symbiosis of community seems sometimes lost in our diversity of needs and interests as well as the focus on survival and livelihood. The loss of value to property, the banking…

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