51′ Growing Dome Coming Soon to Reed City, MI

Reed City High School, Michigan

51′ Growing Dome

A 51′ diameter Growing Dome greenhouse will soon be installed on the Reed City High School campus in Michigan!

As we look to the new school year, there will be some exciting changes that will be in place. We will very shortly begin the construction of a 51-foot diameter Growing Dome. The Growing Dome will provide students with the opportunity to learn through hands-on experience growing numerous plants and vegetables and by raising fish. Chartwells donation to the project has made this 51′ greenhouse dome at Michigan’s Reed City High School possible!

A greenhouse on campus is a great way to get students back in touch with nature, and the cycles and seasons of nature. The Reed City Growing Dome greenhouse, ordered this summer, will be assembled by Growing Spaces Installation Crew.

Growing Spaces 51 foot Growing Dome offers 2,200 square feet of serious growing space, and can withstand a snow load of 65 pounds per square foot and winds of 100 mph.

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  • I go to Reed City High School, I am pleased to say the dome is comming along wonderfully. My landscape & design class has been working hard on the projects included with the dome. The dome its self has already been built and it is beautiful. Our two science teachers who were the brain’s behind this large project are working hard and taking pride in this dome. I cannot wait to see what this dome will be like when it is finished!

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