Bjorn Oliviusson Growing Bananas at 60 Degrees North 

     Janet and I first met Bjorn Oliviusson in Fall 2012 when we arrived to help install the 33′ dome sold to the Royal Institution of Technology in Stockholm. As described in Bjorn’s post, it ended up at a school near the university, a pleasant setting, but late Fall in Stockholm the sunlight shines from 9 am to 3 pm, if…

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Whole Food Plant Based Diet in a Growing Dome

Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet Made Easy with a Growing Dome® Greenhouse Several years ago, Cara Barnes of Hollyhock Farms in Aspen, faced an important challenge:  Both her husband and father suffered from serious cardiac issues and had been urged to switch to a whole-food plant-based diet.  However, in their small Colorado mountain town, getting fresh, organic vegetables was not easy during…

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Farm-to-table restaurant growing in a Growing Dome

Fresh Local Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs from a Farm-to-Table Restaurant in the Snowy Colorado Mountains All Winter Long? How One Colorado Ski Resort Restaurant Serves Fresh From the Garden Ingredients Year Round Despite Extremely Short Colorado Growing Season Mirabelle Restaurant, stands out in the Vail Valley restaurant scene by showcasing fresh food grown on-site all year long. Belgian born Master Chef…

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Farm to Table Restaurant Growing in a Growing Dome Greenhouse

Farm to Table Restaurant Growing in a Growing Dome® Mirabelle Restaurant, one of Vail Valley’s most reputable establishments, is leading the way with fresh food grown on-site How does a farm to table restaurant source the best fresh ingredients year-round in a Colorado ski town? Belgian born Master Chef Daniel Joly of Mirabelle Restaurant in Beaver Creek has been a…

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dig for victory poster

The Gift of Food Security

What does food security mean to you? Does it mean that your food is grown organically without pesticides and hormones?  Does it mean that you know you will always have food on your table for your family because you can supply it yourself? Maybe it means you have grown enough food to collaborate with family and friends on bartering and…

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words written in sugar

Our Sugared Lives

TOO MUCH SUGAR TOO MUCH SUGAR – This is all we hear in the news and in health magazines. Every news organization is reporting on Americans eating too much sugar. What does all this mean? How much is too much?  Most people think “eh, I don’t eat doughnuts and cookies so I should be OK”.  Are you really?  Let’s take…

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girl with flowers inside Growing Dome

Thankful at Thanksgiving

It’s the middle of November, and I walk outside into the crisp coldness that reminds me winter is closer than it appears.  Our backyard has Growing Domes, and entering one of these is like transporting yourself into another world. It’s warm and a bit humid inside, completely opposite from the outer world I just left. I get to share this world…

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worms in cup


What is vermiculture?  I wondered the same thing myself, because listening to garden podcasts and just talking to people about gardening in general I hear this term often. I know it is supposed to make my garden amazing. I hear it’s easy. So what is it? It’s worms.  And worm poop. Before you say gross and stop reading, understand that…

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Soil Farmers

“We are grass farmers” is a quote from the famous Joel Salatin and I can’t seem to forget it.  He explains that in order to grow great cattle, poultry, or pigs, you must have great food to give to them. (Sound familiar?)  In order to grow that grass to feed those animals, you must have great soil.  Salatin has spoken…

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Inspiring and Educating People’s Lives around the globe

Here at Growing Spaces we live the life we promote, eating what we grow in our Growing Domes.  We know the benefits, and we know it just WORKS!  We can tell you about all the benefits many times over again, but sometimes it is helpful to just see it in action and hear about the inspiration it provides from our…

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