Soil Composition

Learning the basics of soil composition for ultimate plant vitality in your Growing Dome® Greenhouse Soil composition is the most important, yet most misunderstood factor for many home growers. The health of your soil is crucial to the vitality of the plants you choose to grow in your greenhouse. But what is makes up soil composition? How does it differ…

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Soil Amendment

Soil amendment for the health of your garden using these three nutrients… If you want to ensure the longevity of your garden beds, soil amendment is crucial. Ideally, if you’re keeping up with cover cropping and crop rotation you won’t need to do soil amendment too often. However, it is inevitable! Some common reasons to amend your soil are: You’ve tested your…

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raised garden beds in the 42' growing dome

Adding Soil to Your Garden Beds

How to properly add soil to your garden beds to ensure optimal plant health. Gardening is an inherently healing activity. The basic acts of turning soil, sowing seeds, watering, and nurturing the plants literally consists of acting in a loving, gentle, and kind way towards your body and the body of the Earth. Gardening is also environmentally-friendly in less direct…

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garden not stressful

Sustaining Mental Wellness In Your Growing Dome® Greenhouse

Gardening Sustains Mental Wellness, While Providing Healthy, Nutritious Food… A Win-Win for You and Your Body Gardening in a Growing Dome is an invaluable method to improve and sustain mental and emotional wellness. Growing Domes are coveted, some would argue sacred, retreats to be with nature and one’s thoughts and emotions. At some point, however, your Growing Dome may begin…

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