AspenPointe 42′ Growing Dome Summer Harvest

42' Growing DomeAn update from AspenPointe:

“A 42 ft. Geodesic Growing Dome was added to the garden in April 2013 to allow the community garden to provide programming for our clients and community year-round and to help  provide fresh, local produce for our AspenPointe Café throughout the winter months.

The Growing Dome was planted with diverse crops this first year in order to see what would flourish in the dome environment. We had a successful summer and grew some great produce, which included: tomatoes, watermelons, strawberries, figs, a variety of eggplant and herbs.

Throughout the Spring and Summer months, we offered community gardening classes, volunteer days and held a youth-run Garden Market. The participation and engagement of our community and clients was great and we are planning programs that we can continue year-round, now that we have the Growing Dome.

We just recently replanted the Growing Dome for the winter months and will be growing spinach, cilantro, beets and herbs. Having the ability to grow produce year round will benefit our café, our community partners and the clients we serve.”

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