A new way to work.

Hello!! My name is Kesy, I have been with Growing Spaces for almost two years.  Let me tell you they these two years have flown by. It is so refreshing to work in an environment that is positive and nurturing, inside and out. Growing Spaces produces a product and a quality of life that I believe in.  We have a wonderful team that does everything they can to help the company grow and thrive.

Growing Spaces has given me a different perspective on my life, my health, and has exponentially increased my quality of life. I have developed a new relationship with the earth that I may have never potentially recognized, or been exposed to otherwise.

The dome itself has much range in the aspect of teaching persons of any age. The Growing Dome touches on geometry, botany, biology, and many other scientific realms. It gives a sense of purpose and nurturing. The minute I walk in to the dome my senses are intensified and a warm, harmonious feeling comes over me.

The geometry, and dome shape have always been attractive to me in itself.  I have incorporated completely different eating habits and take better care of myself. It is a wonderful feeling to cook something, create new recipes using food that you know the origin and level of exposure to foreign entities.

It is rewarding to know that I am contributing to the great good, doing something positive for our future. Increasing my connectedness with people, food, and the earth in a way I never knew was possible.

Take care in New Year!

Kesy Jade Curtis

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