The Dome VS. Extreme Weather

The Growing Dome in Extreme Weather Conditions

We would like to determine whether or not the Growing Dome will hold up in our windy, extreme weather environment. We live in Edmond, Oklahoma (also known as tornado alley) where we get great amounts of wind and serious hail from time to time.  How do the domes hold up against these conditions?

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Kyle joined the Growing Spaces team in 2015, and enjoys being involved in all the exciting projects and developments happening around here!I graduated from Pagosa Springs High School in 2009 and moved to Gunnison, Colorado to pursue a degree in Environmental Studies. After graduating from Western State Colorado University, I moved back to my home town Pagosa Springs. Since moving back home in 2013, I have been working to develop a farm in Arboles. In my spare time, one may find me backpacking in the wilderness, cruising on a mountain bike, slacklining in the park, or skiing Wolf Creek. I also enjoy creating art when I am not outdoors. The mediums that I enjoy working with are yarn, canvas and paint, and clay. I have been experimenting with aquapoinics and am always excited to share knowledge on the subject with others. I joined the Growing Spaces team in 2015, and enjoy being involved in all the exciting projects and developments happening around here!


  • The Growing Dome greenhouse has the best chance of any greenhouse structure to withstand strong weather, as the winds blow around and actually push the structure down rather than lifting it up. Snow slides off with ease, never getting the chance to pile up due to it’s shape.

    Even better: The glazing on the domes are warrantied against hail damage for 10 years! A dome owner who has a 42 foot Growing Dome – and whom also lives in a dome shaped home – had nearly $40,000 worth of damage to the Dome Home from a nasty storm. The Growing Dome did not have damage.

    Another Dome owner in Browning, MO experienced 130 mile per hour winds. Every situation is, of course, different from another, but there are two examples of the dome VS. extreme weather. Hope this helps you in your venture to find the right space to grow in.

  • the weather these days is hotter than the previous decades, i guess it is the effect of global warming,.*

  • I live in the palm springs area. Temps can get up to 100+ degrees here in the summer. It is typically not very humind and more dry climate. A typical winter day is high the 60’s lows in the low to mid 40s. How would a dome do here in this climate year round?

  • We are here in the middle of Texas and our 33′ dome was just completed yesterday. I’m looking for the video/information that Udgar had said would be posted about the installation of a solar powered swamp cooler for the summer months. I can’t seem to find it. Perhaps you could post a link? Thanks!

    • Hi Kim, Oh I’m so excited that you remember! and I’m super bummed that we don’t have a video for you :o(. We got sidetracked with another experimental project of a solar hot water heater for the tank in the Growing Dome. I will email you Udgar’s cell phone number and you can give him a call next week. He’ll share with you what he knows. All the best, Stacey

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